About the PSRC

The Physical Sciences Resource Center is a web-based databank that provides K-20 teachers links to a wide range of teaching and learning resources in the physical sciences. All materials are classified by their grade level, topic, and activity type, and have descriptions outlining their content. Information about authors, publishers, costs, and copyright is also provided.

Educators can use the PSRC to find curriculum materials for all grade levels, classroom demonstrations, labs, online learning material, evaluation instruments, and articles about approaches to science education. The collection can be searched by keyword and author's name and organization, or browsed by topic, type of resource, or grade level.

Users of the PSRC are encouraged to actively participate in the PSRC. They may suggest materials for the editors to include in the collection, share comments, and build personal collections of materials. Although anyone may use the database, participation requires the creation of a user account so that contributions can be connected to the user. Account creation is free and requires only a name and email address.

The PSRC is a service provided by the American Association of Physics Teachers. It is supported, in part, by the National Science Foundation and the American Physical Society Campaign for Physics. Opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of the AAPT, APS, or the NSF.

PSRC Website Contacts

Executive Officer:
Beth Cunningham
E.O. Emeritus:
Dr. Warren Hein
Managing Editor:
Dr. Bruce Mason
Technical Lead:
Lyle Barbato

You can contact the PSRC staff using our feedback form. or you can send an email to webmaster@compadre.org.