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Science Joy Wagon and the Ithaca City School District offer the Physics Zone Web site as a resource for algebra-based physics courses. Numerous interactive lessons, simulations, descriptions, and other online learning material are categorized into nine subjects including motion; forces; work and energy; momentum; electricity and magnetism; waves, light, and sound; modern physics; and nuclear physics.
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algebra-based physics, introductory physics
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December 31, 2002 by Waylon Flinn
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pay to access?

Author: Dave Cross
Posted: May 14, 2005 at 1:11PM
Source: The Physics Front collection

Shouldn't Compadre be promoting the free distribution of information. I do not charge for the ideas and items on my site - I sure as hell have no intention of paying others for a bunch or rehashed ideas they found elsewhere.

Good luck to them in their endeavors - but, Compadre, please do not waste my time sending me to pay-2-join sites!

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Re: pay to access?

Author: swirt

The Physics Zone does not charge for ideas, I charge for animations that take weeks to create and the hundreds of dollars in bandwidth costs.   When you have a multimedia intensive site, bandwidth is not cheap.  The Physics Zone is a very popular site and the bandwidth charges were in triple digits per month.  I could no longer afford to offer free access (it was free for 7 years).

Dave makes unscientific claims here about what he thinks is in the member's side because he didn't want to pay the $5 to access the site for a year. What is actually on the members side is certainly not re-hashed from anywhere else on the web.  The non-members section (free) does have work that was donated by others and is found elsewhere, but the members side does not.

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