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AAPT Summer Meeting 2023 ` - Jul 13, 2023

The AAPT Summer meeting will be held in Sacramento CA, July 15 - 19. Join with the AAPT to collaborate, learn, and have fun.

AAPT Winter Meeting 2023 ` - Jan 14, 2023

Join the AAPT in Portland OR January 14 - 17.

2022 AAPT Summer Meeting ` - Mar 5, 2022

The AAPT will be meeting in person this summer in Grand Rapids Michigan. The meeting will be from July 9 - 13  at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel and the Devos Place Convention Center.

Image: CC-By 2.0. Rachel Kramer

2021 AAPT Virtual Summer Meeting ` - Jun 14, 2021

Join AAPT and the physics education community in developing and strengthening your professional connections by attending the 2021 AAPT Virtual Summer Meeting. AAPT meetings are a great way to reflect on your teaching, recommit to best practices and re-energize your career with new research, products, and techniques. The meeting includes presentations by internationally known plenary speakers, sessions and workshops led by physics educators and researchers, and special activities. Attending the virtual summer meeting is an excellent opportunity to share your expertise and learn from and network with leaders in the field.

AAPT Virtual Winter Meeting 2021 ` - Aug 20, 2020

Join the AAPT and physics education community for the Virtual Winter Meeting, January 9 - 12, 2021. Join discussions of best practices and new developments in physics education.

I suddenly have to move my face-to-face physics/astronomy course online! ` - Aug 10, 2020

Essay written to help instructors move the courses online.

I suddenly have to move my lab course online! ` - Aug 10, 2020

Essay with recommendations and resources to help move a lab course online.

AAPT Virtual Meeting, Summer 2020 ` - Jun 3, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the AAPT Summer Meeting has been moved to a virtual conference. Join the AAPT Community, from wherever you are, July 18 - 22 in a discussion of many aspects of physics and physics education.

AAPT Winter Meeting 2020 ` - Oct 19, 2019

The AAPT is meeting for the Winter 2020 conference in Orlando, FL, Jan. 18 - 21.

AAPT Summer Meeting 2019 ` - Mar 20, 2019

The AAPT Summer Meeting, 2019 will be held in Provo Utah July 20 - 24.

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