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The Underrepresentation Curriculum Project ` - Oct 28, 2020

The Underrepresentation Curriculum is a free, flexible curriculum for STEM instructors to teach about injustice and change the culture of STEM.

Home Adapted ILDs ` - Aug 31, 2020

Interactive Lecture Demonstrations re-imagine for use in online and remote classes.

Computation and Problem Solving in Undergraduate Physics ` - Jan 2, 2020

CPSUP provides computational physics resources that can be integrated into most physics curricula. Included is instruction both on how to use various computational tools and their applications for solving problems.

Conference for Enhancing Undergraduate Physics Programs at Hispanic-Serving Institutions ` - May 28, 2019

This is the conference report from the 2018 conference on Enhancing Physics Programs at Hispanic-Serving Institutions.

Computational Modeling in Physics First Bootstrap ` - Dec 26, 2018

This collection of computational and modeling curricular resources are from a collaboration between the AAPT, AMTA, Bootstrap, and STEMteachersNYC.

QuVis: The University of St Andrews Quantum Mechanics Visualisation project ` - Dec 1, 2018

This collection uses tutorials and animations to help students explore and understand quantum physics. Topics include modern aspects of quantum information theory.

EjsS Reader for Mobile Platforms ` - Jul 6, 2014

The EjsS Reader App lets users download, organize and run JavaScript simulations created with Easy JavaScript Simulations for use on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Physlet Physics - 2nd Edition ` - Jun 10, 2014

Physlet Physics provides interactive simulation-enhanced tutorials and exercises for introductory physics.

The Art (and Science) of In-Class Questioning via Clickers (Learning About Teaching Physics podcast) ` - Jun 18, 2013

Podcast of studies on the effective use of student response systems ("clickers") to improve learning.

Using Direct Measurement Video to Teach Physics ` - Feb 12, 2013

This outline of the use of video measurements in introductory physics includes an introduction, a video library, and example activities.

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