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ComPADRE Upper Division Physics Editor

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Mar 13, 2006

The ComPADRE project is building a series of online topical collections of teaching resources for upper division courses (junior, senior, and first year graduate) in physics. These collections help enhance these courses beyond what can be achieved with only a textbook. The collections enable instructors and students to share curricula, activities, tutorials, readings, and research, and to discuss these resources.

Editors and ComPADRE staff will design these collections to simplify the discovery of high-quality materials. Each collection will have a similar structure, so that users can easily move between topics, and will be built on the same infrastructure to simplify the sharing of resources. Topics will include both the traditional (mechanics, electricity and magnetism, quantum mechanics) and more current (nanotechnology, biophysics, quantum information) courses. Unique and research-based curricula will be provided along with smaller activities and modules that are easily adapted to different course styles. Inclusion of peer reviewed and externally funded curriculum development efforts will be of particular interest. An example prototype resource collection for quantum mechanics is available at

Editors play a vital role in the development and maintenance of the ComPADRE collections. The Upper Division Editor will help ComPADRE staff develop a collection structure that will meet the needs of the users, and help select and manage a group of Associate Editors responsible for each of the topics. Associate editors will be responsible for selecting content and will work with authors and users to identify resources that should be added to the collections. Editors and Associate Editors will also help stimulate and maintain communications on the collections and manage peer reviews that identify quality items.

ComPADRE is a collaboration of the AAPT, AAS, AIP, and APS.