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ComPADRE Introductory Physics Editor

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Mar 13, 2006

The ComPADRE project is developing an online collection of teaching and learning resources for Introductory Undergraduate Physics. The collection will support three different levels of courses, Conceptual, Algebra-based, and Calculus-based physics.

This online service will provide a place for users to submit, collect, discuss, and share learning resources. Editors will review and select materials for quality. Peer review will be used to highlight important developments in physics education.

Materials and services in the collection will include:

  • Curricula – Standard and novel approaches to introductory physics
  • Labs, demos, and activities – Including simulations, animations, video, etc.
  • Questions – For homework, testing, and peer instruction
  • Education Research – Assessed resources and assessment methods
  • Curriculum Development Projects – Projects funded by the NSF or other sources
  • Organization – Descriptions, context, and connections between resources
  • Communications – Discussion boards, comments, reviews, and messaging
Editors are involved in the organization and content decisions for ComPADRE collections. Editors for this collection will be selected for experience in teaching introductory physics, a broad view of the discipline and these courses, and interest and/or experience with helping faculty teach. They will work with authors and users to ensure the collection meets users' needs. Editors are supported by ComPADRE.

Assistant Editors will help organize parts of the collection, either specific topics or types of materials. Assistant editors will also work with the editors on content decisions, the review process, and help manage the communication tools.

Review of applicants will begin April 15, 2006 and will continue until the position is filled.

ComPADRE is a collaboration of the AAPT, AAS, AIP, and APS, and is a Pathway Project of the NSDL.