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SEI Clicker and Education Videos ` - Nov 3, 2012

Explore this suite of short videos on effective use of clickers and student interaction in classes.

Peer Instruction Network ` - Jul 3, 2012

Join the global community of users and developers of Peer Instruction.

Graphs and Tracks Model ` - Jun 22, 2012

Build virtual kinematics experiments for students.

Nanoreisen: Adventures Beyond the Decimal ` - Jun 19, 2012

An interactive exploration of physics at scales from a meter to the atomic nucleus.

MIT Tech TV: Physics Demos ` - Dec 21, 2011

View a wide range of 1 - 4 minute physics demonstration videos on topics including motion, waves, electricity and magnetism, collisions, thermodynamics, and fluid dynamics.

The Humanized Physics Project ` - Sep 7, 2011

This web site includes a wide range of introductory physics materials motivated by examples in the life sciences.

C21: Physics Teaching for the 21st Century ` - Jun 3, 2011

This web site contains a broad spectrum of resources for teachers who are interested in teaching physics concepts in real world contexts, with the goal to help students understand and solve 21st century problems.

NASA Images ` - Oct 5, 2010

Browse through NASA images and videos from the beginning of the space program through the present.

Open Source Physics ` - Sep 1, 2010

Open Sources Physics is a project to create and distribute computational resources that support physics education. This combination of computational physics, computer science, curriculum development, and education research includes both a coordinated code library, Easy Java Simulations modeling environment, and curricular resources ready to be used or modified for classes.

PhET: Physics Education Technology ` - Sep 1, 2010

The PhET group from the University of Colorado-Boulder has updated their simulation pages. Now available with each simulation is information on how to use it in classes.

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