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How Forces Affect Motion 

published by the College Ready Math-Science Partnership

This set of materials contain a sequence of activities designed to help students understand the relationships between forces and motion. In particular, these activities address the common belief that the force on an object and it's velocity are proportional. There are a sequence of lab activities and questions designed to explore the implications of Newton's laws. A more open guided inquiry activity is also included. This material is also designed to be used in a teacher training workshop, with questions designed to help instructors think about how the materials can be used.

Note: This material includes a link to a java applet web page that is no longer available. Similar resources are available, for example in the ComPADRE digital library.

This is part of a collection of similar resources developed by the College-Ready Math-Science Partnership at the University of Arkansas. This activity was originally developed by PASCO and modified by the College Ready MSP.

Last Modified July 17, 2016