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Quilt JS Package: Time Evolution of a Wave Function 

written by Wolfgang Christian, Mario Belloni, and Chandralekha Singh

The QuILT JavaScript package contains exercises for the teaching of time evolution of wave functions in quantum mechanics.  The file contains ready-to-run JavaScript simulations and a set of curricular materials.  The material presents a computer-based tutorial on the "Time Evolution of the Wave Function." This package is one of the recently developed computer-based tutorials that have resulted from the collaboration of the Quantum Interactive Learning Tutorials (QuILT) project and the Open Source Physics (OSP) project. Note that this material requires a web browser, such as Firefox, that supports MathML to properly render the mathematics.

This QuILT is also available as an AAPT/ComPADRE book.

Other Java and JavaScript packages for teaching Quantum Mechanics are also available.  They can be found by searching ComPADRE for QuILT or Quantum Mechanics.

Published August 20, 2015
Last Modified August 26, 2015

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Primary Documents

Quantum Time Evolution ePub 3 Book 

The Quantum Time Evolution QuILT packaged in an ePub 3 format.  Use Apple iBooks or other ePub 3 compliant readers with Math ML support to read this book.

Last Modified July 28, 2018

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