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Surface Plasmon Resonance Laboratory 

written by Dr. Erik Sánchez

This lab focuses on the optical generation and modeling of Surface Plasmons, in particular the attempt of predicting and generating a resonance condition in a three layer system; glass, metal and air. The lab is designed to easily create a film and test it's resonance with minimal cost and time to prepare the setup between testing. This concept can be demonstrated in a more elaborate setup, but is not necessary unless this demonstration will be used as a research instrument afterwards. This lab is comprised of four main parts:

1. Understanding the theory of SPR, through deriving the Fresnel equations from Maxwell Equations.
2. Determining the optimal conditions for the Prism Coating (Modeling).
3. Fabricating the coated prism with a deposition system.
4. Comparing modeling and experiment, explain error.

Published July 18, 2010
Last Modified November 23, 2010