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SEI: Junior E&M Course Materials - Math Fundamentals 

written by Steven J. Pollock and Stephanie Viola Chasteen
supported by the National Science Foundation
published by the Science Education Initiative

This is a collection of resources for teaching mathematical fundamentals of electro- and magnetostatics constructed over the course of four semesters of a transformed junior-level Electricity and Magnetism course.  Included are homework questions, concept tests, and information about common student difficulties in the topic and ways to address these difficulties.

This material was developed as part of a education research-based course transformation for junior level E&M. All of the resources developed for this course are available, sorted by individual topic and type, at

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Primary Documents

SEI: E&M I Mathematical Fundamentals 

This zip archive contains the materials on mathematical fundamentals developed for junior level E&M.

Released under a Free for non-commercial use, with attribution.

Published June 28, 2010
Last Modified December 28, 2011

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